Crush Opens Up About His Strong Friendship With Lee Hi, Calls Her His “Clone”

Their collaboration song is evidence of their insane chemistry as friends and musicians!

Crush and Lee Hi showed off their extremely cute friendship!

Prior to the release of his latest album With Her, Crush released a “commentary” video about the different songs in the album, as well as the style and narrative of the album. Lee Hi is one of the featuring artists in the album, featuring on a song titled, “Tip Toe”.

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In the video, he talks about how excited he is to collaborate with his close friend, and also talks about the song itself!

“Tip Toe” is a soulful R&B mixed with Hip Hop with a retro vibe created in my studio with Lee Hi. So our back and forth interactions are well-reflected in parts of the song.

And as “Tip Toe refers to walking on your tippy-toes, we had fun writing lyrics around it.


He then elaborated on his friendship with Lee Hi, and also talked about their chemistry as musicians!

We really work together. I don’t know if it would be okay for me to say this but it felt almost like as if there was another me, a clone of myself, working with me. So it was super easy to work with her.


He has such great taste in friends and musicians!

Crush made his comeback with the release of his album With Her, and title track “Let Me Go” featuring Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon.

His collaboration with Lee Hi titled “Tip Toe” is also out!

You can watch him talk about his friendship with Lee Hi from the 3:29 mark here!

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