Crush Opens Up About His Upcoming Second Collaboration With Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

He gave his thoughts on his new album too!

Crush opened up about his thoughts on collaborating with Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon again!

As we’re getting another legendary collaboration between Crush and Taeyeon, he revealed his thoughts on their upcoming collaboration for his new album titled With Her.

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Taeyeon will be featuring as the artist on his main title track titled “Let Me Go”. First describing the song, he revealed that he’s really looking forward to their first collaboration in five years!

“Let Me Go” is about a couple who foresees the inevitable end to their relationship. The song captures the lonely mood that autumn brings.

It’s been 5 years since our “Don’t Forget” collab, and I presumed there would be fans out there waiting for us to work together again.


He then also revealed that he picked this song as he felt it would be something that really suits both him and Taeyeon perfectly, and expressed his immense gratitude to her for being a featuring artist on his song!

This song suits both myself and Taeyeon really well, so I asked her to feature on it. She graciously agreed to feature in the music video as well.

I don’t know how to thank her for all that she’s done. So I’m eternally grateful.


The last time Crush and Taeyeon collabroated, they released the hit song “Don’t Forget” in 2015, which also marked their first-ever collaboration.

Crush’s latest album is titled With Her, and is an album of duets with various female artists. The album is set to release on October 20.

You can watch him talk about his collaboration with Taeyeon here!

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