Crush Has The Funniest Reaction To BIBI Saying She Can’t Be Friends With Men In Relationships

Is it out of principle… or BIBI’s loyalty to Red Velvet’s Joy?

The topic of dating can be seen as taboo in K-Pop. Yet, back in 2021, netizens couldn’t hide their happiness when it was revealed that Red Velvet‘s Joy was dating soloist Crush. The duo had always caught the attention of fans for their chemistry. Even back in 2020, when the two first met to record the duet “Mayday,” many saw the instant chemistry.

Crush and Red Velvet’s Joy | P Nation

Throughout the years, they have treated netizens with some of the cutest interactions.

| @crush9244/Instagram
| @crush9244/Instagram

Of course, Crush has just returned from his enlistment. It seems like now Crush is back, there are going to be more times that the relationship is mentioned, even if it’s indirectly.

Recently, Crush joined BIBI and Jaejae on an episode of the iconic reality show Knowing Bros. Of course, the show is known for not having filters, and it really created some iconic moments between all the cast.

| JTBC Voyage/YouTube
| JTBC Voyage/YouTube   

Although it isn’t common for male and female idols to interact, BIBI and Crush have worked on tracks together, and for many, this was the first time seeing them together on a show. However, there could be a reason why, and it all has to do with Crush’s relationship with Joy.

In a clip shared on social media and through the YouTube channel, BIBI hilariously pointed out, “I don’t usually befriend guys that have girlfriends.”

| JTBC Voyage/YouTube 

Of course, it wasn’t surprising that the camera immediately panned to Crush, and he had the funniest reaction with his eyes seemingly moving in a way where he knew it was about him. The captions also said “Pupils” and “Earthquake,” which insinuated that he was taken aback by the comment, but not in a negative way.

| JTBC Voyage/YouTube 

It is one of the hottest debates worldwide when it comes to those in relationships being friends with the opposite sex. Yet, usually, it pertains to those in the couple when, in this case, it was BIBI talking about her own morals when it came to friendships.

Many believe that it could also be because of her loyalty and love for Red Velvet’s Joy. During an Instagram Live, Bibi explained how much she would love to collaborate with Joy, and the Red Velvet singer even covered her track “Restless.”

When it comes to the topics of relationships, it is particularly sensitive when in the K-Pop industry. However, it seems like more idols are being more open with the conversation, and even if it was indirect, it was cute to see Crush’s reaction to BIBI’s statement.

You can read more about Crush and Joy’s adorable relationship below.

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Source: KCON Voyage
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