Crush Shows His Support For His Girlfriend, Red Velvet’s Joy As She Stuns In A Silver Dress

We are living for this!

Red Velvet‘s Joy stunned everyone with her amazing visuals at the 2021 KBS Song Festival. She rocked both a red velvet (badumms) number…

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

…she also looked amazing in a white dress that made her look like a Greek Goddess.

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

She looked amazing and her boyfriend, rapper Crush, showed his support for her, as he should. The two announced their relationship publicly in August 2021 and gained the support of the public.

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

When Joy uploaded the photos of her from the 2021 KBS Song Festival, Crush pressed like on the post, something that many found rare but unsurprising. There’s nothing wrong with a boyfriend showing his support and love for his gorgeous girlfriend! However, in the industry, most public couples like to keep things on the down low. Crush’s public display of affection showed just how much he loves her!

Fans and the public are very happy for the couple and are hoping that the two will create another collaboration together soon. In the mean time, check out their duet below.

Red Velvet