Crush Will Be Holding Solo Concerts For The First Time In 3 Years, Fans Are Anticipating BTS’s J-Hope To Make An Appearance

This will be his first concert since his military discharge.

On October 29, PNation announced that Crush is preparing to hold a 2022 year-end concert tour throughout different cities in South Korea. The 2022 Crush On You: Crush Hour tour will start in Gwangju in December.

| @crush9244/Instagram

Crush will kick off his concerts at the Kim Dae Joon Convention Center in Gwangju on December 10. Next, he will perform at EXCO Hall in Daegu on December 17, followed by three shows at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul Olympic Park from December 23 to 25. The last stop of the tour will be Busan, where he will perform at the BEXCO hall on December 30.

| @crush9244/Instagram

This will be Crush’s first solo concert since his 2019 Crush On You: From Midnight To Sunrise tour. Ever since his discharge from the military this year in August, he has been doing shows at several festivals, drawing eager crowds. This tour’s title is a combination of his name with the name of his comeback single “Rush Hour,” which featured BTS‘s J-Hope.

Given the fact that the tour is named after the song and it will start off at Gwangju, J-Hope’s hometown, many fans are hopeful that he might make an appearance on stage with Crush.

The probabilities are high when you consider how J-Hope recently mentioned that he would be busy doing several activities during the year’s end on the red carpet of the “Love Your W” event.

Is the world finally getting blessed with a Crush ft J-Hope live performance?

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