Cube Entertainment Announces Ilhoon Will No Longer Be Part Of BTOB Following Marijuana Scandal

He is no longer part of BTOB.

Cube Entertainment has just announced Ilhoon will no longer be a part of BTOB following his marijuana scandal.

In their official statement released to the media today, Cube Entertainment shared that it was also on Ilhoon’s wishes that he did not want to harm the group’s image anymore, and decided to leave the group.


This is Cube Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to apologize for the trouble caused by our artist, Jung Ilhoon.

Jung Ilhoon is deeply reflecting on his actions of breaking the trust of many fans and causing them to feel disappointment. We also took this matter seriously, and after a careful discussion, we have decided to respect his opinion of not wanting to harm the group anymore, and Ilhoon has decided to leave BTOB today.

He feels a heavy sense of responsibility for the current situation and he will do his best to faithfully conduct any future investigations.

BTOB will continue their activities as a 6 member group in the future, and we will continue to do our best to support BTOB and help them show a more mature musical side.

Once again, thank you for supporting BTOB, and we would like to apologize to the fans.

— Cube Entertainment

Earlier in the month, Ilhoon was accused of habitually using marijuana.

Source: Newsen