Cube Entertainment Announces Jang Hyunseung Has Left The Company

He has left the company.

Cube Entertainment has announced Jang Hyunseung has left the company after the expiration of his contract.

Cube Entertainment shared their statement to Sports Donga, wishing him well for the future

Hello, this is Cube Entertainment.

We would like to inform you that our contract with Jang Hyunseung has expired.

We sincerely thank him for being with us for over 11 years since 2009.

Once again, we would like to thank the fans for their generous love for his music activities and we ask that you continue to show him a lot of interest and support.

We will always sincerely support his future and his new chapter of his life.

Thank you.

— Cube Entertainment

Jang Hyunseung debuted with Beast in 2009, but decided to leave the group in 2016 to become a soloist. He remained with Cube Entertainment. During his time in Cube Entertainment, he also teamed up with HyunA to form the duo group Troublemaker.

Source: Sports Donga