Cube Entertainment Loses Almost One Million Dollars In The First Quarter Of 2017

Cube Entertainment has reported an overall loss during the first quarter of 2017.

Financial reports for Cube Entertainment were recently released and the results show that the company posted a loss for the first quarter of 2017.

Cube Entertainment posted a revenue of ₩4.673 billion KRW ($4.18 million USD) and ended up with a ₩900 million KRW ($806,346 USD) operating deficit, leading to a net loss of ₩764 million KRW ($684,498 USD).

The decrease in Cube Entertainment’s revenue can be attributed to the departure of BEAST, the disbandment of 4MINUTE, and the current issue over THAAD.

While Hyuna, BTOB, and Pentagon are all still generating income, it will take time for Cube Entertainment’s artists to bring the company out of the red.

Source: Insight