Cube Entertainment Officially Announces Elkie Has Terminated Her Contract And Withdrawn From CLC

She is no longer part of CLC.

Cube Entertainment has officially announced Elkie has terminated her contract with the agency and has withdrawn from CLC.

In an official statement made on CLC’s official Twitter account, Cube Entertainment shared the news to Cheshire around the world.

| @CUBECLC/Twitter

Hello, this is Cube Entertainment.

We would like to inform you that the exclusive contract with our artist ELKIE has been terminated.

With this termination, ELKIE is now withdrawn from the group CLC.

This conclusion follows a mutual agreement between both parties.

We extend our gratitude to the fans who had sent love for ELKIE. Please wish ELKIE the best in her future endeavors.

Thank you.

— Cube Entertainment

Back in December 2020, Elkie sent Cube Entertainment a request to terminate her contract, citing mistreatment and missing payments.