Cube Entertainment reacts to rumours of Hyunseung’s possible withdrawal from BEAST

Cube Entertainment dispelled rumours about Jang Hyunseung possibly leaving BEAST after missing a scheduled fan meeting with the group. 

On September 15th, Cube Entertainment denied rampant online speculations that Jang Hyunseung was withdrawing from the group after being spotted in a coffee shop with a woman while missing BEAST’s scheduled event.

The avid rumours came after photos of his meeting with the unidentified woman circulated online the same time that he was supposed to be with BEAST’s fan meeting. This was initially clarified by the agency by stating that Hyunseung was excused from the event due to personal reasons with the organisers of the fan meeting with their Japanese fans informed of the absence. Hyunseung was said to have apologised for his absence and made a video message to tthe fans present, however, the coincidence of his absence were misunderstood, which led to the rumours.

Cube Entertainment further clarified that speculations of Hyunseung moving to another agency were also not true.

Source: Dispatch and OSEN