Gagman Revealed To Be The Culprit Who Installed A Hidden Camera Inside Women’s Bathroom At KBS

He turned himself in.

Previous reports revealed that a hidden camera was found in the women’s bathroom located in the KBS broadcasting station located in Yeouido, Seoul. A small portable charger was found in the women’s bathroom near the filming set of Gag Concert, and it was soon identified as a hidden camera. The police were immediately called in for investigation.

Initial reports claimed that the culprit was an employee of KBS, but KBS soon denied the claims as false. Now it’s been revealed that the culprit was actually a gagman (comedian) who frequently appears on Gag Concert.

The comedian (referred to as “A”) debuted after passing KBS’s auditions back in Jul7 2018, and he had been working as a freelancer since his 1-year contract ended.

After the hidden camera was discovered inside a women’s bathroom at KBS, the culprit surrendered himself to the police, and the culprit was confirmed to be a gagman who used to be employed by KBS.

“A” passed KBS’s audition in July 2018 and appeared on broadcast since then.

— Chosun Ilbo

Although not specifically identified, reports claim he is an active gagman and has even appeared on Gag Concert just last month.

He was investigated by the police and has since returned home as charges have yet to be filed.

Source: SBS FunE