A Hidden Camera Was Reportedly Found in the Women’s Washroom of the KBS Building in Yeouido

The cast of a popular KBS TV show was rehearsing at the building on the very same day.

Joseon Ilbo recently released an exclusive report revealing that a hidden camera was found in the women’s washroom of a KBS building located in Yeouido, Seoul.

According to the report, one KBS producer notified the company that she believed a hidden camera was in the women’s washroom, which led to a police investigation.

The building in which the washroom is located is known to be where the cast of the popular Korean comedy show, Gag Concert rehearses before broadcast.

And on the day of the report, the cast of the show gathered to practice one last time before their long-term break.


One KBS employee explained,

The police on site collected the hidden camera.

– KBS Employee

It’s been added that due to the lack of CCTV cameras in the halls and at the entrance of the washroom, the police are currently analyzing the CCTV footage filmed from the east entrance.


Source: Insight