Culprits Behind The Leak Of G-Dragon’s Intimate Details Exposed

Netizens traced the diagram of G-Dragon’s most intimate physical details back to two Instagram pages that belong to a young couple.

Private information about BIGBANG G-Dragon‘s most intimate physical details were leaked when a netizen uploaded a hand-drawn diagram of G-Dragon’s body parts to her Instagram page. The image shares detailed information from where he has tattoos and moles, down to what size underwear and shoes he wears.


The diagram was supposedly drawn by the woman’s boyfriend who is currently enlisted in the same infantry as G-Dragon. He took note of every physical detail that he could see and drew it out for his girlfriend, who is a big fan of G-Dragon.

“I thought you’d be curious so I’ll tell you everything I’ve observed so far. I love you, love you, love you.” — Note inside the drawing


Netizens, disgusted by the act, traced the image back to the Instagram user @hjoo_s2. The account belonged to a woman named Choi Hyun Joo, who’s profile photo matched the blurred image.


According to her Instagram posts, she currently works at a nursing department.


One of her photos showed herself posing with her boyfriend, who is currently an enlisted soldier.


Netizens soon traced the boyfriend, named Jung Yoon Sung, back to another Instagram page @so_sick598. Jung Yoon Sung is being accused of secretly observing G-Dragon and drawing out the diagram for his girlfriend.


Jung Yoon Sung’s Instagram page revealed that Choi Hyun Joo has another Instagram page under the handle @hm15833.


Soon after the netizens traced the image to @hjoo_s2, the account deleted all of its posts and changed the profile image. It also changed the profile description to “I’ll be back again soon. Private mode for the time being.


Choi Hyun Joo’s 2nd account also deleted all of its posts, deleted the profile picture, and turned the account to private.


Jung Yoon Sung’s Instagram page was turned to private as well.


The two remain silent about the diagram of G-Dragon.

Source: Ilbe