Netizens Disgusted By Creepy In-Depth Diagram of G-Dragon’s Body By A Fellow Soldier

The details included in the diagram are completely freaking out the netizens.

While G-Dragon‘s preferential treatment controversy continues to gain momentum, with petitions being started to request fair and equal treatment of all soldiers, a creepy Instagram posting that details G-Dragon’s body and special features has surfaced and shook the nation.


Hash-tagged “Observation Log”, the posting shows a picture of a human body marked with details of where and what kind of scars and tattoos G-Dragon has and more.

It shares every detail the soldier could visually confirm, from what kind of watch G-Dragon wears, down to what size underwear and shoes he wears.


The creator of this “observation log” seems to have put it together to share with his girlfriend, as the top portion reads like a letter.

“I thought you would be curious, so let me tell you about what I have observed so far.” — Soldier 


The soldier concludes that G-Dragon “surprisingly shakes everyone’s hands”.


While the veracity of the Instagram post has not been verified, it was enough to trigger Koreans netizens to become utterly disgusted by the level of privacy violation.


Koreans are siding with G-Dragon, stating they now understand why he wants to maintain a great deal of privacy.

  • “The observation log is so shocking. I hope G-Dragon feels better soon and completes his military duty safely.”

  • “How is he handling all this…? I would seriously develop a mental disorder. He’s not an animal at a zoo. What is there to observe?”

  • “There are tons of pictures and videos from his training days that G-Dragon is probably unaware of. He can’t be “an average soldier” like this. Leave him alone.”

  • “G-Dragon wanted to be protected from all these privacy violations. The press took that and ran with it, saying he got preferential treatment. Who is at fault here?”

  • “I’m not even his fan but the observation log makes me angry… Can you imagine having that happen to you?”


YG Entertainment also responded with an official statement, denying all allegations of the military’s preferential treatment of the artist.

“Hello, this is YG Entertainment with an official statement regarding the press coverage of G-Dragon’s preferential treatment in the military hospital. Please understand it took a while for the agency to confirm, as G-Dragon is currently an enlisted soldier and the processes required time.

G-Dragon recently received an ankle surgery and is working on rehabilitating at the military hospital. The visitations were limited to families and relatives. No agency representatives have visited him.

After checking with G-Dragon’s family, the agency would like to point out that the released articles are highly malicious and untrue. There has been no preferential treatment whatsoever. There is no such thing as a luxury suite. G-Dragon was hospitalized according to the military’s rules and standards.

G-Dragon has always had shoulder issues from prior to his enlistment. Also, during the World Tour, his ankle kept giving him trouble and pain. These conditions must have gotten worse during his military training.

The diagnosis confirmed there are bone fragments that are moving around to cause damage to the ligaments and muscles, creating severe infections. The bone fragments needed to be removed surgically. The military hospital recommended the surgery be taken to a larger medical facility. So G-Dragon received surgery to remove the bone fragments and rebuild the ligaments.

Like all knee and ankle related surgeries, the surgical treatment must be followed up by rehabilitative treatments. This is a critical part of the recovery process, so G-Dragon has been admitted to the military hospital post-op to receive such rehabilitation help.

The room where G-Dragon’s stayed was nothing like a special, luxury suite, but a small private room for all soldiers. Such a room was assigned to make sure his stay will not cause a disruption in the military hospital where many visitors come in and out. None of this was “preferential” as the press covered.

G-Dragon is currently following the military’s regulations for sick leaves. He has been using his personal vacation days to receive such rehabilitative treatments.” — YG Entertainment

Source: Sports Donga