Cult Leader Jeong Myeong Seok Allegedly Assaulted A Female Government Official’s Daughter In Front Of Her

Netizens are appalled.

MBC’s investigative program PD Notebook aired an episode about the notorious cult of JMS, also known as the Providence Church, on April 18.

While the Netflix docuseries, In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal has already stirred up some major dirt on the sexual crimes of the cult’s leader Jeong Myeong Seok, MBC’s program shed some new light onto the heinousness of his nature by bringing in shocking testimonies from his other victims.

After the Netflix documentary caused an overnight stir around JMS and three other cults in Korea internationally, director Cho Sung Hyun spoke to the media about why and how he got into making this series. During that interview, he had revealed that the tragic events shown in the docuseries about JMS were only about “one-tenth of reality.”

JMS Cult Is Actually “10 Times Worse” Than Shown In Documentary, According To “In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal” Director

PD Notebook‘s new episode proves that Cho didn’t exaggerate his words to the least bit. Among the new victims who spoke up against JMS’s crimes in the program was Lee Seo Eun (alias). She shared a chilling testimony of her assault at the hands of Jeong when she was only 20 years old.

Lee revealed that Jeong would order his female followers to sing prayers every day, declaring their promise to offer their bodies and souls to him and praying for his wishes to be fulfilled. He would make inappropriate comments about Lee’s body to her mother, but she never recognized it as a red flag.

Pictures of Lee Seo Eun (alias) and her mother

When Lee was about 20 years old, one day, she received a sudden call asking her to visit Jeong Myeong Seok. “He wants to see you…Come to Wolmyeong-dong,” the person on the other side told Lee. When she requested her mother to accompany her to Jeong’s quarters in Wolmyeong-dong, her mother agreed.

But having her parent with her didn’t stop the horror for Lee. She remembered Jeong was sitting comfortably in a chair in the largest room of the house, and when she arrived, he asked her to step closer. When she approached him, he lifted her dress and touched her inappropriately.

He put his hand inside my underwear and said, ‘You’re f*cking pretty.’ That was the first time I was taken aback.

—Lee Seo Eun

Flustered by Jeong’s actions, Seo Eun told him that her mother had come with her to meet him. He asked her to be sent in, and what followed shattered Seo Eun’s world. Only the three of them were in the room, and Jeong started inappropriately touching both women. “He started touching my thighs, and my mother just smiled and said, ‘Thank you,’ then he started touching her thighs too,” Lee recalled.

Seeing the person she believed to be the Messiah for all her life behave this way broke her faith from the inside. She wrote down her emotions from that day to process them because her mother’s faith in Jeong was still unshaken.

What is wrong with me? That day, when he touched my chest, asked about my cup size, admired it, peeked at my (blurred) and touched it, and the laughter that he made as he said it was pretty. How he said he needed to get drunk now. The disgust that enveloped my entire body at that moment.

—Lee Seo Eun

When Lee confronted her mother for being complacent about Jeong sexually abusing her, she complained that her daughter’s faith was lacking. “What’s wrong with a husband loving his wife like that?… You’re possessed by Satan,” Lee’s mother apparently accused her. But in the middle of this argument, she admitted that Jeong Myeong Seok had also had sexual intercourse with her.

To fully demonstrate the level of brainwashing that the JMS cult is capable of, Lee also revealed that her mother is a highly educated woman with a master’s degree and still holds a high position as a government official!

Netizens are enraged and disgusted by this new report. The fact that an educated government official could sit and watch her daughter being abused in the name of faith seems almost unbelievable to most.

  • “Does she not have a husband…? Or is the husband a believer too?”
  • “It’s not like she just believed him. He was doing that sh*t to her own daughter. Won’t that make you snap out of it even if you’ve been brainwashed?… She’s crazy for real.”
  • [deleted comment]
  • “Wow…really…dirty…”
  • “Ew, what did I read early in the morning.”
  • “How on earth can anyone believe a person like that to be God?”

Meanwhile, Jeong Myeong Seok was recently indicted on charges of sexually assaulting two foreign women and molesting a South Korean female follower.

JMS Cult Leader Jeong Myeong Seok Indicted On Sexual Assault And Rape Charges

Source: MBC PD Notebook