The Cute Reason Why BTS’s Fierce Rapper Suga Was Sulking At J-Hope

Another “Sope” moment for the history books.

BTS just recently uploaded their Chuseok greetings video, looking dashing in traditional hanboks.

The members reminisced about their childhood memories of the festival, had fun creating acrostic poems, and even picked out some songs for ARMYs to listen to while celebrating Chuseok.

Though the entire video greeting was all fun and games, Suga couldn’t help but sulk when J-Hope picked Jin‘s song over his for his song recommendation. J-Hope chose “Moon,” Jin’s solo track from Map Of The Soul 7, and explained that since Chuseok is also the full-moon festival, it is the most fitting song for the occasion.

But Suga pointed out that he also has a solo track called “Moon” on his second mixtape Agust D. With a huge pout, he playfully sulked at J-Hope for not choosing his song even though it fits the bill just as right.

Seeing his cute shenanigans, J-Hope and Jin couldn’t hold back their fond laughs.

BTS have stated before as well that a compliment from J-Hope makes every member the happiest, and Suga is no exception after all.