“F*ck REM:” Dabin (DPR LIVE) Disses Scott Kim In New Song

Dabin is exposing Scott.

In 2014, a creative collective was formed by artists. It became known as DPR (Dream Perfect Regime), a multi-genre music label and video production company, co-founded by Christian Yu (also known as IAN and former C-Clown‘s Rome), Scott Kim (also known as REM), Hong Dabin (also known as LIVE)—all of whom attach the label’s acronym “DPR” to their names.

From left: Scott (REM), Dabin (LIVE, and Christian (IAN)

Each one played a different role in DPR. For instance, DPR IAN is the Visual Director. He directs all DPR music videos. He is also a music artist.

DPR IAN | BuzzFeed

Scott Kim, who was known as DPR REM, was the Creative Director, Business Manager, Executive Producer, etc. He was considered the man who made the dreams a reality as the businessman who worked behind the scenes.

| @iknowrem/Instagram

Yet, on January 12, 2023, on the same day that it was announced that DPR LIVE + DPR IAN were performing at 2023 Coachella, Scott announced via his Twitter account that he was resigning from his position as DPR’s business manager.

Likewise, DPR LIVE confirmed that Scott was no longer in DPR when he shared an appreciation post at the end of the Regime Tour Seoul Finale. Several names were listed, and fans noticed that Scott’s was not.

Fans were concerned and confused, as some had hoped initially Scott was just a break. The same day of DPR LIVE’s post, Scott tweeted that he was okay.

Additionally, Scott, whose Instagram handle matched the others’ with @dprrem, apparently archived all his posts and changed his account handle to @iknowrem (His X account is @_iknowrem) on June 13, 2013. However, he has only one post, and it was uploaded on June 20, 2023, with limited comments. 

Likewise, August 2023 was the last publicly posted tweet, although he promised to update regularly.

Now, after months of not hearing about Scott, Dabin mentioned him in a new song.

Dabin released “WMP freestyle” as part of his new EP Giggles, and it’s clear who this song is about. He explains in the song that this person “made money” by “selling” his “voice.”

Selling my voice, more trust earned
What will you do when you gain honor?
Fellas, I’ve made more money than you
I love my money
For what I earned without permission
We’re on the path we’ve chosen
But this song is Ketamine for you, yeah
Is this the team, huh?
Is this a team, huh?
You’re tired of it, huh?
No end, huh?
This ain’t no dream, huh?
Ayo P, play that sh*t man

Pause it, need deposits

— Dabin, “WMP Freestyle” via LyricsFA

Throughout the song, Dabin calls out this individual who continually takes advantage of his loyalty and trust by using language like “team” and “we.” Dabin also infrequently uses the phrase, “Pause it, need deposits.” 

They say I should be grateful
Shut up, Where my money at?
Accountants are coming to say thanks
They’re coming to your surroundings
Open your eyes wide and be cautious
Snakes are all around us
Using the word ‘we’
To control people
To our ‘team’
Aye, aye c’mon
It won’t work here, punk
Where have you tried that tough act?
Back then, on your forehead
Taser, razor, taser
Huh, sh*t, huh
Loyalty is by trust
The more I listen, the more problems you have
What sins do our brothers have, sh*t

Pause it, need deposits

— Dabin, “WMP Freestyle” via LyricsFA

| Dabin/YouTube

If it was not clear enough already who Dabin was calling out, he mentioned him by name by the end of the song with the line, “Taking a REM sleep,” as not only did Scott go by “REM” in DPR, but it’s still the name on his social media accounts.

A secretary from an internet cafe
Taking a REM sleep, lunatic
As planned, shh
Don’t let it be heard, shh
We said they were eavesdropping, shh
What’s trust?
You’re disrespectful to me, shh
F*ck all your crybaby, sh*t
This song right here, sh*t
You gon’ cry on this sh*t

— Dabin, “WMP Freestyle” via LyricsFA


Dabin concluded the song, repeatedly asking “Where my pay at?” He indicates that Scott frequently requested money to make their business happen but didn’t give Dabin any money he would have made.


That’s not all, though. Recently, Dabin performed the song live at the Giggles Listening Party, and he explicitly shouted out “F*ck REM!” So, there’s no question that Scott and DPR did not part ways amicably.

Although loyal DPR fans loved each member, including Scott, and were used to viewing them as a group, many are siding with Dabin after this.

Fans also realize that Dabin has long given context clues or hints about what had happened, and all the pieces of the puzzle have come together.

Source: DPR Record