Daehwi Leaves His AB6IX Members Awestruck After Soaring In The Air During Dance Practice

Another one of Daehwi’s many talents.

Daehwi is a singer, dancer, songwriter, and now he can also soar in the air to the point that his fellow members think he is “flying.”

AB6IX gave fans their first in-depth look in their dance practice room, where they showcased some of their choreography and dance moves.

Leader Youngmin answered that Daehwi was the best member for dancing cheerful songs due to his hidden charms.

His step is extraordinary.

Daehwi demonstrated the dance step that left his members in awe, with Woong accompanying him in the choreography.

The choreography had a step where the members had to jump in the air.

Woong followed the choreographer and made a jump. However, Daehwi’s leap saw him soar twice as high as Woong did.

Furthermore, it even seemed like Daehwi had stayed in the air longer.

The other members were once again left awestruck at Daehwi’s dance move, considering how high he jumped and how long he was off the ground.

It seemed like the jump has come naturally to Daehwi as he gave some advice to the other members.

You should stay in the sky for 3 seconds.

Woojin commended Daehwi, stating that he did stay up in the air for that long.

Daehwi repeated his jump, and the members were still astonished at how Daehwi was able to achieve this.

Now that the fans got to see this dance move, Youngmin reiterated what he had said before.

See? Daehwi is extraordinary.

However, there was one last move in the choreography that Daehwi forgot to mention.

And you should smile with the members, for no reason.

If anything, this one scene shows precisely why Daehwi is “extraordinary.” Not only does he possess many amazing talents, but he is also incredibly humble and fun-spirited.

To view the whole tour of AB6IX’s dance practice room, see the video below.