Daesung Is Reportedly Selling His Gangnam Building Where Illicit Activities Took Place

Daesung stands to make a $4 million profit.

BIGBANG member Daesung is reportedly selling the Gangnam building which has been steeped in controversy for the illegal activities taking place inside.

Channel A reported that the building has been put on sale for 40 billion won ($33.5 million) which would result in a 5 billion won profit ($4.2 million).

A reporter from the station called a broker under the guise of a regular buyer and the broker confirmed they were trying to sell the building quickly. The channel also found out that Daesung started to move towards selling the building once he found out that they were planning to report on the illegal activities taking place inside.

The broker also confirmed YG Entertainment’s involvement in the sale despite the company’s denial.

Yes, it’s Y entertainment, I won’t add the G.

– Real Estate Broker

The report concluded by saying that the police were having trouble with the investigation because of how rapidly the illegal business is shutting down.

Source: Naver