Here’s All The Goods Available In BTS’s Dalmajung Merch Collection

Use the list to decide on what you want before the actual sale!

BTS will soon be releasing their merch collection for Dalmajung ahead of Chuseok. The name Dalmajung means “to meet the moon“, a romantic reference to the Chuseok harvest holiday which is largely represented by the moon.

Of course, the collection theme is heavily influenced by Korean culture and traditional motifs. The usual logo for BTS has also been transformed into two panels resembling traditional silk screens decorated with flowers.

BTS’s logo transformed for Dalmajung. | Weverse

The goods available are all influenced by elements of olden-day Korea. Their badge set includes a gorgeous replica of an embroidery weave, as well as the BTS logo with a dangling charm. Painted scrolls, jokja, are also available as are traditional teacup sets and intricate jewelry boxes.

Goods available in Dalmajung. | Weverse

The prices are said to be rather affordable, with silver jewelry sets going for around ₩55,000 KRW (about $40.30 USD). You can also buy clothing items such as hair accessories and cardigans.

Dalmajung collection. | Weverse

The usual stationery options are available, as well as specials such as incense holders and bokjumeoni (money bag) pouches.

Dalmajung collection. | Weverse

If you’re looking for something a little closer to regular K-Pop fan goods, the usual selection of photocards, photobooks and binders are available.

Dalmajung collection. | Weverse

The collection is not yet available for sale but you can view previews of the individual goods on the Weverse Shop for now. The launch will be on September 6, 2022 at 11am KST. Make sure to get your fingers ready because they’re bound to sell out quickly!

Source: Weverse