Dana Reveals Why She Gained So Much Weight

“Two breakups…I felt like I lost everything.”

Former The Grace member Dana has recently shocked netizens with her recent weight gain and she has now revealed the reason behind it.

K-Pop Singer Dana Shocks Fans With Recent Weight Gain


In a teaser for her new reality show, Fly Again Dana, that was released on November 14, Dana indicated that she should probably begin by explaining why she had gained weight.

“There were two big events. I broke up with the man I was in an open relationship with and went on a break-up trip for the first time in my life. I was trying to get myself together on that trip and that’s when I received the call.”

ㅡ Dana


Not only was she enduring an extremely difficult break-up, but the call she received during her break-up trip had been about a very good friend of hers who had apparently gotten into an accident.

“I felt like I’d lost everything and my insomnia got worse. Then I began to gain weight.”

ㅡ Dana


She confessed that she did not want to return to the entertainment industry because she didn’t want to disappoint fans.

“Actually, I didn’t want to return to being a celebrity. In case I would only disappoint my fans. But I’m thankful that everyone is giving me their attention.”

ㅡ Dana


When the teaser for Fly Again Dana was first released on the 6th, the star rapidly rose to the top of the real-time search ranks and received a second round of attention when news broke that she had broken up with her boyfriend.


Dana had been in an open relationship with Director Lee Ho Jae. She revealed that she had been in a relationship with the director for 3 years back in 2016 on Radio Star.


After making her relationship public, both Dana and Lee Ho Jae shared their pictures on their SNS accounts and showed everyone how happy they were.


Dana’s sudden weight gain now seems understandable after a break-up of a 3+ year open relationship and losing a dear friend on top of that.


Netizens have been sympathizing with the star and sending her words of encouragement.

  • “This too shall pass…”
  • “She’s relieving stress…everyone relieves stress differently”
  • “But in these times, it takes a lot of courage to go outside and not hide. She is strong. I support you, please get back up.”
  • “Her face is still beautiful”
  • “Who cares if she gained weight? You people are funny”
  • “It’s okay since she’s pretty~”
  • “Everything will be fine…if you lose weight and become mentally healthy. I want to see you singing or acting again…Please don’t give up”


Watch the latest teaser for Fly Again Dana here:

Source: Osen