Have Dance Challenges Changed K-Pop Choreography? Choreographer Choi Young Jun Shares His Opinion On The Trend

The famed dancer and choreographer gives his take on the popular trend.

Famed choreographer and dancer Choi Young Jun recently sat down with Korea Now‘s Bella Kim to discuss his history working with some of K-Pop top acts, current trends, and the evolution of K-Pop choreography over its five generations.

Choi Young Jun | KOREA NOW/YouTube

Choi Young Jun shared that his personal style is to create choreography based on the lyrics of a song, and noted that it seemed to be a trend within K-Pop choreography in general.

The choreographer believes the performance aspect of K-Pop is “quite influential” when considering the massive amount of global love and respect the genre has received in recent years. He added that “choreography, music, artists, styling, hair, and makeup” all come together to create one irresistible and captivating performance package, which helps K-Pop stand out.

(From left:) NewJeans’ Haerin, Minji, Danielle, Hanni, and Hyein | @sbsnoriter/Twitter

Of course, K-Pop wouldn’t be what it is without the many talented artists and groups within the genre and the fans who have supported, respected, and spread love for it throughout the world.

Many times, people are drawn to K-Pop thanks to the many ways fans can connect with artists and the interactive elements of K-Pop content, such as the rise of the K-Pop dance challenge.

Dance challenges saw an increase in popularity as more companies and artists began promoting on TikTok. The fun trend gave artists opportunities to film short segments of their choreography with fellow K-Pop stars or global celebrities they may not normally have the chance to work with. It also gives fans the opportunity to film their own video for the challenge and potentially be noticed by their favorite artists.


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As K-Pop idols frequently film dance challenges with multiple people, such as actors, television hosts, fellow idols, athletes, and more, Choi Young Jun was asked if choreography trends have changed since the rise of dance challenges.

Choi Young Jun revealed that the newer trend doesn’t impact the way he personally choreographs. Instead, he focuses more on creating what works best for and enhances the performance of the artist and the music.

He acknowledged that while simpler choreography may be more accessible for dance challenges, he believes that “even if the choreography is difficult, if people think it’s attractive, they will learn it.

He used SEVENTEEN‘s popular song “Super” as an example, which he helped choreograph. Although the choreography was difficult, fans and fellow idols rushed to join the trending dance challenge.


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