Dancer Honey J Was Once Attacked By A Suspicious Man Outside Her House

Here’s how she bravely fought him off.

We all know that dancer Honey J from Holy Bang is just about the coolest unnie ever. Not only did she start the twerking trend in South Korea in Jay Park‘s “MOMMAE”, she also basically pioneered girls hiphop with her first dance crew, PURPLOW.

| @__honey.j__/Instagram

She cemented her cool girl reputation on an episode of Knowing Bros, where she shared about the time where a strange and suspicious man had attacked her outside her home. She had taken a taxi home but the taxi had dropped her off on the main road as her home was down a small alley. As the taxi cruised by, she made the accidental mistake of meeting eyes with a man that was walking on the street. He began to follow her after she got off.

There was no one else around so she felt scared, but she didn’t want to misunderstand an innocent man if her gut feeling turned out to be wrong. She stopped and pretended to look for keys in her bag, but the man soon came up to behind her and grabbed her while blocking her mouth.

Honey J decided to resist as she did not want to go down without a fight. He was surprised by her strength and decided to just cut his losses. Snatching her bag, he ran away. Honey J chased him and knocked him down with a flying kick. When she began cursing at him, he escaped quickly.

Only then did the residents around come out of their houses after hearing the commotion and helped Honey J calm down as she made a police report.

What a brave soul! We’d never be able to muster up the courage like she did. Check out the full clip of her telling below.