Dancer Noze Is Usually Seen With Bangs, But Her Image Completely Changes Without Them

She still looks amazing, but with a very different vibe!

When Street Woman Fighter first aired, dancer Noze gained attention for her incredible dance skills…

…and also for her flawless visuals!

Noze | @nozeworld/Instagram

Noze has shown that she likes to experiment with her looks. Earlier, she went viral for her change in makeup style, going from her usual bold eyes and lips…

…to trying on a lighter makeup style that made her visuals look even fresher!

And now, netizens have noticed another style change that totally suits the gorgeous Noze! Noze is usually seen with bangs, and they’re sometimes see-through…

…and sometimes full. No matter, her bangs give an overall youthful, doll-like, idol-esque vibe to this talented dancer!

| @nozeworld/Instagram

But netizens noticed a complete change in vibe when photos and videos of Noze without bangs were revealed!


Without her bangs, Noze gives off a rookie actress vibe, and nobody can get enough of her beautiful face!

| The Qoo
| The Qoo

Netizens are raving about her bang-less visuals!

  • She indeed looks gorgeous without bangs, but those full bangs make her look like a doll.
  • So pretty. She looks beautiful without bangs but looks so unique with themㅠㅠ So f*cking beautiful.
  • So pretty ㅠㅠ

She can pull off any style with such ease!

Source: The Qoo