Dancer Noze’s Image Drastically Changes After Switching Up Her Styling

Which look do you prefer?

Street Woman Fighter dancer Noze has recently undergone a styling transformation and netizens are loving it!

Previously, she rocked bold makeup during her time on the show.

Most notably, she always wore a bright red lip and smokey cat eyes.

Despite her cute visuals, it gave her an intense, girl-crush aura.

However, she’s recently showing off her self-styling on Instagram and it’s a whole new look for her!

With softer eyes, a peach lip, and gray contact lenses, she’s going for a softer and daintier look.

This makeup style appears slightly more “natural” and allows her visuals to be the main focus.

Depending if she’s going for a cool and charismatic look or a sweet and natural look, she can pull off either style with ease!