What’s She Up To? Dancer NOZE Makes A New Commitment In The Midst Of Her Disappearance Following Her Scandal

She looks so happy🥹 We wish the best for the two!

Dancer NOZE, best known for her performance in Street Woman Fighter, has been quiet since her scandal last summer.

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The last update NOZE gave us was her Instagram post in December 2022, where she appeared to be walking around Hollywood. Since then, there has been no news of the dancer—until recently, when a non-profit organization posted about her.


On May 28, Angel’s Nestan animal rescue shelter, posted a video of NOZE holding a dog. The post revealed that she had volunteered at Angel’s Nest seven times and fell in love with a rescue dog named Chungi—she decided to adopt Chungi after he appeared in her dreams.


Chungi is one of three siblings who were rescued on the day of their euthanization. While volunteering at Angel’s Nest, NOZE made up her mind to adopt Chungi. The organization stated that after careful consideration without special celebrity treatment, they sent Chungi home with NOZE.

Read the full post with the caption here.

Choongi, Chungi, and Doi were rescued at two months old on the day they were supposed to get euthanized. Their mom was euthanized the day before. ㅜ ㅜ I wonder if their mom was able to leave peacefully, leaving her kids behindㅜㅜ They have been living in the shelter since then, for three years at the Angel’s Nest, depending on each other.

Recently, dancer NOZE from the celebrity volunteer group came to volunteer, and she said when she went home, Chungi appeared in her dreams. Since then, NOZE volunteered at Angel’s Nest seven times and made up her mind to adopt Chungi.

We don’t send our dogs to anyone just because they’re celebrities. We watched NOZE carefully and decided to send Chungi with her because she showed genuine love towards the dogs.

She promised to come volunteer with Chungi when she has time so he can meet his siblings once in a while. Please take care of Chungi.

— Angel’s Nest

NOZE’s face was filled with love as she held Chungi in her arms.

| @angels_nest/Instagram
| @angels_nest/Instagram

Comments on the post were positive, celebrating Chungi’s adoption and praising NOZE. Some of them include, “I thought NOZE was just pretty on the outside, but she’s beautiful on the inside too,” and “They look alike! Congrats, Chungi!


We wish the happiest life for NOZE and her newest family member, Chungi!

Source: Top Star News, Angels Nest Instagram and Chosun

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