Dancer NOZE Apologized For Her Discrimination Against Small Brands But Netizens Are Still Divided

Some of them are not having it.

Street Woman Fighter’s NOZE previously apologized for discriminating against smaller brands. She had allegedly been caught not fulfiling social media advertisement contracts with smaller brands on time, and deleting posts as soon as the contractual period was over. On the contrary, NOZE had left up posts sponsored by luxury brands. Fans saw this as discrimination on her end.

NOZE. | @nozeworld/Instagram

Due to my irresponsible actions, I have negatively impacted the advertisers and disappointed my fans, who have given me so much love. Because I know there are no words to take back my actions, rather than seek forgiveness, I will do my best to show a better side of me.

I will do my best with this in mind to show you a better side of me and be more humble.

Thank you, and once again, I am sorry.

— Noze

After she had uploaded a lengthy apology, fans jumped to shower her with words of support. On the other hand, netizens who were on the fence began to criticize her for her actions despite the apology.

Netizen reactions to NOZE’s apology. | Nate Pann
  • “She should be going directly to the brand staffs-in-charge to apologize… Is it the end of things if she apologizes on her personal IG? LOL why is she apologizing to her own followers? Even when Irene uploaded an apology, she also said that she apologized personally [to the people involved] but well I guess NOZE is a huge star…  Is she also being like come to my IG if you want to see an apology… She should’ve uploaded IG content and advertisements often. Is she going to delete this apology soon too?”
  • “Is it all good if you just upload an apology dragging your feet after 8 days? Her fangirl-maids are already apologizing on behalf on IG LOL did she even apologize personally to the companies and return their money?”
  • “No but why are you guys being noisy when you were asking her to upload an apology in the first place. I don’t know if she apologized personally to the brands or not but you guys were saying that she didn’t upload an apology so why are you now fussing again when she has? What do you want?”
  • “Seeing how y’all are cursing her out for abusing her power, you guys are doing the same. In a separate matter from her scandal, aren’t you guys in the wrong for picking fights with her for her apology? Are you guys allowed to abuse your power like that because she got into a controversy?”

The brands involved have not spoken on the matter.

Source: Nate Pann