This Dancer Who Went Viral For Her “Idol-like” Visuals And Talent Is One Of The Contestants For “Street Woman Fighter”

Fans can’t get enough of her crushworthy stage presence!

When EXO Kai‘s solo debut song “Mmmh” was released last year, fans were treated not only with the singer’s incredible performance, but with his dancers’ stunning visuals.

No:ze went viral for her idol-like visuals. | @noze_wayb/Instagram

One dancer by the name of no:ze went viral for her “visual chemistry” with Kai, and had K-pop fans raving over her performance. Fans were even zooming into videos of Kai’s music show stages to create fan-made “focuses” of the dancer!

Since then, the dancer has been hard at work as part of SHINee‘s “Don’t Call Me” performances as well as Taemin‘s “Advice.”

And now fans will be given the chance to see her compete with her dance crew, WAYB (We Are Young Best)!

From left to right: LEE SU, no:ze, GYURI AN, Ansso, Dolla. | @noze_wayb/Instagram

No:ze posted this photo on Instagram on July 12 announcing the team’s participation in Street Woman Fighter.

Female dancer survival 🔥 Street Woman Fighter🔥
We are young Best!
WAYB🌊 will be featuring on ‘Street Woman Fighter’💋
With WAYB’s own style and reinterpretation

— no:ze

No:ze wrote that viewers will be able to see “WAYB’s own style and reinterpretation” through their performances.

| @noze_wayb/Instagram

Mnet confirmed the “survival program […] with Korea’s female representative dance crew teams” in May 2021.

Other contestants on the show include IZ*ONE member Chaeyeon, while the judges include NCT‘s Taeyong and BoAKang Daniel has also been confirmed as the MC for the show.

On July 11, Mnet posted previews of the contestants on YouTube. Comments under WAYB’s are already praising no:ze’s beauty and her team’s hype stage!

Street Woman Fighter will air August 24, and fans are looking forward to seeing more of no:ze’s powerful performances!