EXO Kai’s Sexy-AF Backup Dancer Sweeps The Internet With Her “Idol-Worthy” Visual And Talent


Looks like EXO Kai‘s extra-sexiness isn’t the only good thing K-Pop fans got out of his seductive solo “Mmmh”!

Kai | @weareoneexo/Twitter

From his recent stage performances, a backup dancer — by the name of no:ze — has caught the eyes of K-Pop fans…

… for this idol-like visual, on top of some incredible moves! Kai’s fans especially love how no:ze has a “visual chemistry” with Kai, which makes the choreography more entertaining to watch.

I like how the dancer looks with Kai. They look good together, which sprinkles that extra spice on this choreography. 10/10.

— Fan

Part of the dance team Way B, dancer no:ze has actually been viral a while for her drop-dead gorgeousness…

| @noze_wayb/Instagram

… which, K-Pops fans have excitedly pointed out, resembles TWICE Chaeyoung‘s, aespa Karina‘s, and even STAYC Yoon‘s!

TWICE’s Chaeyoung (left), aespa’s Karina (center), and STAYC’s Yoon (right) | @JYPETWICE & @aespa_official & @stayc_official/Twitter

Dancer no:ze has a significant presence on Instagram @noze_wayb, not only for her face…

| @noze_wayb/Instagram

… but more so for her “sick moves“.

While not a lot of information about no:ze is available, one thing is for sure: No:ze knows how to D-A-N-C-E… and K-Pop fans want more, ASAP! 🔥

Source: theqoo

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