Dara Responds To Criticisms Regarding Her Acting

Sandara Park relayed her feelings about all of the criticism she has received for her acting skills.

Sandara Park has been expanding her career into the acting business with roles in both One Step and Cheese in the Trap. However, she has received a lot of criticism for her acting skills. In a recent interview, she responded to all of the criticism regarding her acting, revealing that she was prepared to receive the criticism.

Dara was critical of herself as well during the interview.

“I thought that the way my acting was portrayed was correct and I kept thinking to myself “this is the way to do it.” But now that I look back, I don’t think I’ve properly studied and analyzed my roles enough, which is why my acting is this way.”

— Sandara Park

One of the disadvantages Sandara Park faces is that her vocal tone is very high. She acknowledged this and talked about how she has been working to change it, saying,

“That was something I heard a lot when I was singing too. I’ve been told that even during sad songs, I seem happy. I was worried that my bright voice would stand out this time. But I can’t change my natural tone of voice, so I have to turn it into an advantage. I practiced speaking in a lower tone a lot but when I have to speak for a long time, I can’t help but return to my normal voice. This is like a lifelong homework assignment.”

— Sandara Park

As her closing statement, she mentioned how she is determined to overcome these shortcomings.

“People can’t just change at one moment’s notice. I will continue to work hard and show an improvement of myself. This is just the start so I will accept the criticism well. I want to do well at the things I can. I’m trying to find ways to take advantage of what I have.”

Sandara Park

Source: TV Daily