Dara’s Pineapple Hair Is Back, For One Night Only 

Dara rocks Halloween with this throwback many 2NE1 fans will love.

In case you missed it, Dara posted a very special Halloween treat for her most loyal fans on Instagram. 


She decided to have a little throwback with the full outfit she wore at the 2015 Mnet Asia Music Awards. The look was completed with her iconic “pineapple hairstyle” and a mask. 


The hairstyle was a trademark to Dara when she made her with debut with 2NE1 in 2009. 


It was enough to trigger a lot of memories for fans of 2NE1 especially with all the feels they have been giving off on SNS lately. From Dara and Bom’s reunion to their support of CL’s recent release


It’s an iconic look that can only be recreated by the members themselves. Dara definitely picked the right moment to rock the look.