Dating Guru Kwak Jung Eun Explains Why You Should Never Date A Man Who’s Been At A Brothel

“One-night stands are okay, but brothels are not.” — Kwak Jung Eun

Dating guru, Kwak Jung Eun recently took to her YouTube channel to explain why you should never date a man who’s been at a brothel before.


On the channel, Kwak Jung Eun received a question from a viewer who complained of having a boyfriend who has been to brothels before and still receives “special” treatment during work-related gatherings.

The girlfriend had no problem with the fact that her boyfriend had one-night stands before when he was single, but she wasn’t sure if it was all right to continue dating him with the intention of marriage given that he’s been to brothels before.

Rumor has it that in Korea, 7 to 8 men out of 10 visits a brothel at least once in their lifetime.

And Kwak Jung Eun didn’t hesitate to express her view on the matter.

One-night stands? I think that’s up to the person. Since that’s a consentual arrangement, I don’t think it matters. But I think you can tell what a person is like just by knowing that he’s been at a brothel where you can literally buy a person’s body with money.

— Kwak Jung Eun

In Kwak Jung Eun’s opinion, the fact that a man has been to a brothel means much more than just satisfying sexual needs.

What many women misunderstand is that they think men only go to brothels to satisfy their sexual needs. But that’s not the only reason. Prostitution is when you pay money to completely buy a person. They’re buying the right to do whatever they want with a woman’s body.

— Kwak Jung Eun

She continued,

People who go to prostitutes don’t go just to satisfy their sexual needs. They go there to feel powerful. They look at people as objects. So you can’t help but to wonder if they’ll treat you that way even if it’s been years since they’ve been to a brothel.

— Kwak Jung Eun

Some netizens are sympathizing with Kwak Jung Eun’s opinion with comments such as “I think that’s one of the reasons why more and more people choose not to get married“, “I refuse to make a man like that the father of my child“, and “I completely agree“.

What are your thoughts?

Source: Dispatch
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