Popular Influencer Sparks Debate After Mentioning LE SSERAFIM And Rosalía

“I was shocked…”

A dating show contestant’s remark mentioning Rosalía while listening to LE SSERAFIM has netizens debating whether the influencer was throwing shade.


On May 18, a post titled “Jiyeon From EXchange‘s Story” went viral. The post, which has since been viewed over 130K times (as of this writing), revealed an Instagram story uploaded by influencer Lee Ji Yeon, who was a contestant on the popular dating show EXchange.

Poster for EXchange |
Lee Ji Yeon | @jjjohnnyeey/Instagram

In her Instagram story, the influencer mentions how surprised she was that LE SSERAFIM’s “Fire in the belly,” wasn’t sung by Rosalía.

Lee Ji Yeon’s story |

I was shocked while listening to LE SSERAFIM’s album from start to finish. I thought this was Rosalía’s song. They (LE SSERAFIM) are so great and so cool.

— Lee Ji Yeon

The post went viral, with many netizens debating whether the influencer was complimenting the group or if she was throwing shade. Previously, the group had faced allegations that they had plagiarized Rosalía’s style, which Source Music denied.

Netizens Shield LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon From Criticism Over “Rosalía” Plagiarism Allegations — Lambasts Source Music For Not Stepping Up

While some felt the influencer was calling out the group, many stated how there was a possibility that Lee Ji Yeon was not aware of the plagiarism allegations, especially as the news largely only affected followers of K-Pop on online communities.

  • “This is just a casual (non-Kpop fan) listener’s observations. Don’t go cursing her out and then get sued.”
  • “Fans don’t even care, but the comments here are all over the place. Bravo guys, are you guys having fun?”
  • “I think she just meant to say how much she liked the song… Those who are criticizing her for saying what she wants are so funny.”
  • “The fact that she’s oblivious (to the plagiarism allegations) is so cute.”
  • “Jiyeon is cute, LOL.”
  • “Knowing her personality, she uploaded her story because she really liked the song, LOL. She’s just an innocent muggle (non-K-Pop fan).”
  • “Since she’s a casual listener, I am pretty sure she didn’t mean this sarcastically. LOL, I’m pretty sure she isn’t aware of the plagiarism controversy.”

What are your thoughts?


Source: theqoo