Dating speculations arise after UEE was spotted at Yunho’s recruit training ceremony

After School’s UEE has sparked dating speculations after it was discovered that she has attended Yunho’s training graduation ceremony. 

Earlier today, it was widely reported that UEE was spotted at the graduation ceremony as Yunho finished his basic military training last August 31st. A number of accounts about her attendance immediately circulated online, further raising if the two were indeed close friends or speculated to be dating.


Fans also managed to gather a number of photos from the event and linked it to UEE’s own SNS updates.

However, the speculations were immediately clarified as Pledis Entertainment stated that the two were merely close friends. Despite confirming UEE’s attendance at the ceremony, the agency emphasised UEE and Yunho are not a couple and that she was only there to support him with his other friends.

Meanwhile, since enlisting in the military and completing his basic training, Yunho will be continuing his active duty service as a military band member.

Source: DongA and OSEN