Davichi Kang Minkyung’s Past Comments About Lee Haeri’s Wedding Gains Attention—Will She Sing This Song At Wedding?

The two Davichi members are known to have one of the closest friendships in all of K-Pop.

Davichi member Lee Haeri announced her engagement on May 11 via her Instagram.

Knowing how close Lee Haeri is with fellow Davichi member Kang Minkyung, fans then wondered what song Kang Minkyung would sing at the wedding.

Kang Minkyung (left) and Lee Haeri (right) | @iammingki/Instagram

Fans are saying if Kang Minkyung’s past statements are true, Lee Haeri might have a problem.

Kang Minkyung | @iammingki/Instagram

Last year Lee Haeri and Kang Minkyung was a guest on the SBS radio show Park So Hyun’s Love Game.

On this day, Kang Minkyung stated the song she wanted to sing at Lee Haeri’s wedding is rapper Jessi‘s “What Type of X.”

Kang Minkyung clarified the reason for her choice was to ask, “What type of X is taking my unnie.

Kang Minkyung also swore to Lee Haeri’s potential husband, “If you ever make my unnie cry, I will make sure you pay. If she sniffles, it is okay, but I will show you no mercy if she cries.

Lee Haeri surprised fans on May 11 when she revealed she was getting married on her Instagram. Lee Haeri stated her husband “Makes me laugh and has a lot of traits I want to learn from. But most importantly, he respects and cares for me the most. I will be with him while valuing him forever.”

Source: Wikitree