Davichi’s Lee Haeri Announces She Will Be Getting Married

Congratulations to Lee Haeri!

Davichi‘s Lee Haeri has announced she will be getting married soon!

According to an exclusive report from Edaily, Lee Haeri and her boyfriend, now fiancé, celebrated their engagement and their wedding would be held in July. Lee Haeri had been slowly sharing the news to her close friends and family members. Her fiancé is believed to be a non-celebrity.

Shortly after the news broke, Lee Haeri shared the news herself through a letter on her personal Instagram account.

Hello Davichi Chord (Davichi’s fanclub name),

How have you been?

There is something I want to tell you first, so I am here, feeling nervous.

It’s like a dream, but I’m going to say it.

I can’t believe it still but…

I’m getting married.

He is a good person who I laugh a lot with and I have a lot to learn from.

More than anything, he is a person who respects and cares about me more than anyone else.

I want to cherish him and spend time with him forever.

I will continue to sing as Davichi’s Lee Haeri, there will be no change in that, and I will continue to laugh and talk alongside Kang Minkyung.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally, Davichi Chord. Thank you always.

I will wait for the day we can meet at the concert venue, and we will repay you with a good album.

Forever Davichi’s elder member, Lee Haeri

— Lee Haeri

Davichi’s agency Wake One Entertainment also confirmed the news with a few more details.

Hello, this is Wake One.

Davichi’s Lee Haeri will be getting married in July.

The wedding will be a small-form wedding with family, relatives, and friends. We ask for your understanding that it is difficult to disclose detials regarding their marriage in consideration of both party’s families and the groom, who is not a celebrity.

Please give your blessings and support to Lee Haeri, who formed her precious relationship and is preparing to start the next chapter of her life.

— Wake One Entertainment

Source: Edaily and Osen