The Unexpected Music Icon Who Inspired BTS V’s Debut Solo Album “Layover”

He’s a fan of the classics!

BTS‘s V revealed an unexpected inspiration for his debut solo album Layover.


The album clearly is influenced by genres such as jazz and R&B, as it’s laced with nostalgia. V previously said BTS’s The Most Beautiful Moment in Life even provided some inspiration.


Yet, he revealed another inspiration. Recently, V guested on IU‘s YouTube show IU’s Palette to promote Layover.

IU (left) and V (right) |  이지금 [IU Official]/YouTube 
During it, V spilled on an unexpected music icon that has influenced him: English singer-songwriter, musician, and actor David Bowie.

David Bowie | Masayoshi Sukita via Time

Upon complimenting V’s concept photos, IU asked about his inspiration, to which he replied David Bowie. He thought it didn’t go quite as planned, but IU recognized it!

IU: What inspired you for the album?

V: I had a very dressy outfit on… David Bowie.

IU: I knew it! It reminded me of him.

V: That was my plan, but they say I look like an alien. I did a lot of research about the image. It was so inspiring. I wanted the overall vibe and face expression to be in that style. 

This would not be the first time Bowie inspired a BTS member. Previously, ARMYs suspected that Jin‘s styling for one of his Love Yourself: Answer outfits was influenced by David Bowie’s style.

Watch the full interview below.

Source: 이지금 [IU Official]


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