DAWN Was Told To Say Another Woman’s Name In Their Song, And Hyuna’s Reaction Was Priceless

Hyuna’s girlfriend instincts jumped out!

Hyuna and DAWN are the cutest couple, but a certain suggestion by their producer had Hyuna hilariously “questioning” their relationship!

DAWN and Hyuna | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

Hyuna and DAWN recently made their debut as a musical duo, and are also starring in their very own reality show titled I’m Fine, Thank You, and You?

“I’m Fine, Thank You, and You?” Teaser poster

In the latest episode, the 2 artists can be seen recording for their first collaborative album 1+1=1, and as they record, they keep writing down new lyrics and changing things wherever necessary.

While DAWN was recording his part, Hyuna and the producer kept thinking of lines to add to make the song even better! Hyuna’s suggestion was to add the line, “Shall we dance” in the song, and after DAWN tried it, the producers all agreed that adding the line made the song seem too similar to the next one, vetoing it.

It’s too similar to the next one.

One of the producers then decided to add just the words “shall we” to the song, as a compromise, and it totally worked with the song!

Then just do the ‘shall we’. Only that.

But Hyuna’s reaction was the opposite of what he expected! She unfortunately misheard “shall we” as “Sherry”, and turned to the producer, asking why her boyfriend would take some other woman’s name when he has her!

Sherry…? Why would he call another girl’s name?!


Hyuna has nothing to worry about, because DAWN only has eyes for her!

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

Watch this moment here!

And you can watch the MV for their new song, “Ping Pong”, here!