DAWN And Jessi Show Off Their Adorable Sibling Chemistry In Behind The Scenes Video Of “DAWNDIDIDAWN”

He also revealed the extent of her support!

DAWN is finally back after a year-long hiatus with “DAWNDIDIDAWN” featuring Jessi! A behind the scenes video of the making of the music video was released on October 10, and viewers could easily see their strong sibling chemistry.

When Jessi showed up at the set, viewers could instantly feel how comfortable she was with DAWN and vice versa.

They slung their arms over each other while performing and while they were being interviewed.

During their break time, Jessi excitedly shared that DAWN returned with an album, not just a single. She asked him how he felt, and he shared that he was grateful for Jessi’s support even if she was busy.

She didn’t mind one bit though because she was just happy to support him, joking that he needs to make money!

In a bonus scene, Jessi gave viewers a good laugh by unintentionally mispronouncing “DAWNDIDIDAWN” multiple times. All the while, DAWN was patiently helping her until she finally got it right.

They ended the video by inviting fans to show his song some love.

Make sure to support DAWN and Jessi by watching the music video of “DAWNDIDIDAWN”:

You can also view the full behind the scenes video below:

Source: DAWN
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