DAWN Opens Up About Negative Public Sentiment Towards Idols Dating

He shares why he and HyunA chose to reveal their relationship in 2018.

DAWN recently released his new song “Dear My Light,” and fans quickly noticed the touching and heartbreaking lyrics were dedicated to his former girlfriend, HyunA, and their six-year relationship.

HyunA (left) and DAWN (right) | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

On April 13, DAWN officially made his first comeback under his new label, AT AREA, and immediately caught fans’ attention with the song’s sentimental lyrics. He shared that the song is a letter to “the person who shines [a] light” on his dark side.

I think everyone has a dark side. This song is like a letter to the person who sheds light to that side, the person who shines that light. I put a lot of sincerity into and worked hard with Groovy Room.

— HyunA

In 2018, media reports surfaced suggesting that DAWN and HyunA were dating. Both stars were under CUBE Entertainment at the time, who swiftly denied the rumors. Shortly after the denial, HyunA and DAWN released separate statements confirming they were dating and had been in a relationship for two years.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

Their confession led CUBE Entertainment to terminate both artists’ contracts, citing an irreparable loss of trust between them.

The sudden announcement shocked fans and the artists themselves and led HyunA and DAWN to look for a new management company, signing with PSY‘s company P NATION in 2019.

(From left:) HyunA, PSY, and DAWN

There have been many positive and forward-progressing changes within the K-Pop industry over the years, but many still view Korean celebrity relationships negatively. While HyunA and DAWN set a new standard by publicizing their relationship, working on many projects together, and openly showing their love for one another, it was not without its sacrifices.

During DAWN’s Teen Vogue interview, he acknowledged he had to let go of parts of himself go for his career, directly referencing his past relationship and the complex topic of idols dating.

In Korea, there is a negative perception towards idols dating. This does influence the situation. But both me and the person I dated, in my mind, were people who shined more if we were honest [with the public about our relationship]. There are some situations where letting go also helps people shine, though.


| @hyojong_1994/Instagram

Although sacrifice isn’t easy, DAWN acknowledges that it’s an essential part of a relationship.

Love is between two individual people. There always has to be a certain amount of consideration and sacrifice from one person to the other. But rather than sacrifice, I like to think of it as care and consideration. In any relationship, care for the other is necessary.


HyunA and DAWN announced their breakup in November 2022, but both artists have remained amicable and supportive of each other.

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Source: Teen Vogue
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