Here Is How DAWN Feels About Promoting As A Soloist Without Ex-Girlfriend HyunA

They were in a public relationship.

Soloist DAWN was once part of a very public relationship with HyunA. They had been together for years before announcing their breakup. During their time together, they promoted as a duo, releasing hits such as “PING PONG.”

HyunA and DAWN’s album cover.

On a recent episode of Lee Yong Jin’s Kkaraoke, Lee Yong Jin asked DAWN about stepping out as a soloist. Of course, it wasn’t an easy choice.

Even though he wasn’t used to it at first, he soon came to find that there were more pros than cons. He began to  have more time to himself, as the one that had always been with him was now not by his side.

DAWN also admitted that many had commented that he seemed to be more upbeat and cheerful in personality than when he was promoting as a duo.

There are more pros than cons. I didn’t have much time where I was alone. I lived with my parents, and although I didn’t date a lot, I always had one. So, I wasn’t alone a lot. Recently, I’ve been able to think a lot, being by myself, and it’s really great.


As a serial dater, DAWN was barely alone. Rather than taking the breakup negatively, it seems like DAWN took it in stride and learnt to see the silver lining!

DAWN recently enlisted in the military on October 12, 2023.

Source: Newsen