DAWN Talks About How Shook He Was When Hyuna Confessed Her Feelings To Him

He was very shocked.

DAWN and Hyuna are the cutest!

On November 12, Hyuna appeared on the program Cultwo Show as part of her promotions for her latest comeback, “FLOWER SHOWER”.

Soon, DAWN also made a surprise appearance on the show in order to support Hyuna! While they talked about their respective comebacks and what they’ve been up to, DAWN was asked how he felt when Hyuna confessed her feelings to him first.

DAWN revealed that while he was initially shocked and in a daze, he was also very excited and happy because he never thought that she would return his feelings in a million years!

I was completely stunned. At the time, I was a trainee, and she was such a huge superstar, so I thought there was no way [that she liked me]. But I was really surprised and happy when she told me that she liked me. I thought, “Why in the world would she like me?


Hyuna is currently promoting her recent comeback “FLOWER SHOWER”, while DAWN made his solo debut with “MONEY”.


What do you think of DAWN’s initial reaction to Hyuna’s confession?