Hyuna Confesses She Actually Asked out Dawn First

Hyuna made the first move.

On a recent episode of SBS’s Access Showbiz Tonight, Hyuna talked about her relationship with Dawn as well as who brought up the suggestion to date first.

On the show, the couple was introduced as a bold celebrity duo that left Cube Entertainment in order to pursue their relationship.

When asked about it, Hyuna explained that she was able to build up the courage thanks to the people who showered her with love.

I didn’t want to keep lying to the people who showered me with love. I felt sorry and thankful at the same time. They were the reason why I could have more courage.

– Hyuna

Hyuna also shared that she felt selfish because she felt that Dawn’s career was more sensitive to the controversy while she had many more years under her belt.

I felt like I was being selfish. I’d been in the industry a long time, but we had to be more careful for Dawn, so I felt selfish.

– Hyuna

She was then asked about who asked out who first, to which Hyuna confessed that it was her.

I confessed my feelings to him first. I actually liked him for a long time. So I waited and cautiously told him I liked him, and he suddenly said, “Let’s start dating.”

– Hyuna

Check out the full clip below: