Day6’s Jae Apologizes For His “Sugar Daddy” Remarks During A Twitch Stream

His international fans are supporting him.

Day6 member Jae has apologized for the remarks he made during a live Twitch stream.

Previously, a clip of Jae’s live Twitch stream started making headlines for the crude remarks and actions made by the boy band member. In the clip, Jae can be heard saying, “this guy, he’s my sugar daddy.” Just a few seconds later, the Day6 member can then be heard saying, “just look away” while making a sexual motion resembling oral sex.

While his friends can be heard laughing in the background, Jae’s actions and remarks were met with intense backlash from Korean netizens.

| theqoo
  • “Sugar daddy is a cultural difference? F**k, be mindful when you try to shield someone”
  • “It’s only a problem because he’s an idol…I didn’t think much of it”
  • “Those dirty actions and jokes are worse than actual curse words. Just say f**k or s**t next time, it’s better than sugar daddy”
  • “Even average civilians don’t use the term sugar daddy. Are you sure you’re a celebrity…?”

Before his official apology statement was released, the Day6 member took the time to address the scrutiny he started to receive during another live Twitch stream.

Honestly for me, it’s just something I did with my friends and maybe this is a culture difference, but I will refrain from commenting on it…I really do think this is a big cultural difference.

— Day6’s Jae

He further explained that this is also not his first experience with misunderstanding and miscommunication due to his bilingualism.

Whenever I speak in English, the direct Korean translations have been made problematic numerous times. If you choose to mistranslate what I say and purposely create problems from it, you might want to stop watching my streams for your own happiness.

— Day6’s Jae

His explanation was met with even more criticism from Korean netizens, resulting in the Day6 member taking the time to officially apologize. He wrote these apologetic words onto his Twitter account:

I deeply apologize to those who were hurt by my actions. I will work harder to show a better version of myself.

— @Jae_Day6/Twitter

After his apology, Day6’s international fans stepped forward to rally behind Jae and to defend him from the controversy. Many of them applauded the idol member for owning up to his actions and poured out their support.

| @foxyYoungK_Jae/Twitter
| @juscochi/Twitter
| @Lyn_day6/Twitter
| @sikkeureo/Twitter

While Jae personally addressed the controversy, no official statement has been made by JYP Entertainment so far.

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