DAY6’s Jae Says He Has Found Freedom “For The First Time In Ten Years”

He updated fans about his future.

MyDays (fans of DAY6) have been suspecting that DAY6’s Jae (also known as eaJ) would be leaving JYP Entertainment after a recent tell-all live broadcast.

DAY6’s Jae | JYP Entertainment

After Jae’s latest Instagram Live, fans have even more questions and speculations as he briefly talked about changes in his life.

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During it, Jae talked about his new tattoos and thanked fans for their support and interest. Nevertheless, he said that he didn’t want to show to anyone. The reason is that his latest additions are more personal to him than his previous ones.

I’m not hiding them per se. I’m just not like you know taking a picture in front of a mirror and saying, ‘Yo, I got a tattoo.’ It’s not that kind of tattoo for me.

— Jae

One of Jae’s earlier tattoos. | @eajpark/Instagram

He explained that they have much greater meaning to him than just being new tattoos. To him, they represent newfound happiness and freedom.

This is very much me experiencing and expressing my freedom for the first time in ten years and me being able to do whatever the f*ck I want like just because solely I want to.

— Jae

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He did suggest that if the time came for him to do an interview in which he was asked to explain all of the tattoos, he might consider it. Still, he felt it might be too much.

I don’t know unless like I do a specific piece of content that’s like show and explain all your tattoos which even that I probably won’t be able to show and explain all of them…

— Jae

| Represent

Once again, he reassured fans that he was not attempting to keep anything from them. He continually communicated his love and appreciation to those who have remained by his side.

In case you guys think like, ‘Oh, he’s ducking us. He doesn’t f*ck with us no more,’ like it’s not. It’s not anything to do with that … I love you guys. I appreciate you guys. Thank you so much for sticking with me through the ride…

— Jae

He clarified that it is much more than just a body modification to him when it comes to tattoos. Jae mentioned again that it was all connected to “freedom.”

But the tattoo thing is just completely else. This is just me. Freedom and me… Just freedom tastes so damn delicious.

— Jae

Concerning his freedom, he added that he is from now on going to be authentically himself. He will no longer put anything he says through a filter just to appease others.

For the first time in my life, I get to be like real Jae. You know what I mean? So that’s like no more … PG, Disney Channel filter bulls*it, just like actual Jae, so I’m very, very excited and happy about that.

— Jae

Jae hosting “How Did I Get Here?” podcast. | DIVE Studios

Jae acknowledged any concerns that anyone might have but stood by his original statements. It’s clear that he is finally feeling true happiness as a result of freedom that he has found.

I’m sure a lot of people are gonna be very concerned about that as well. I’ve decided not to give a f*ck anymore…

— Jae

Jae hosting “How Did I Get Here?” podcast.| DIVE Studios

He concluded the Instagram Live by saying that the next time he will speak with fans is probably at 88rising‘s Head In The Clouds 2021 festival. We can all look forward to seeing Jae finally and truly be himself!

Since his live broadcast, fans are suspicious that his talk on freedom and no filters means that he has left JYP Entertainment for good.


freedom looks so good on him mans is now covered in tattoos and is swearing every 3 seconds 😌😌😌😌 #eaj

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In the past, the company forced him to shut down his personal YouTube series JAESIX and his Twitch channel, among other things. So, now they suspect this means Jae can finally do all he wants to do.

While many are happy for Jae to be free, many hope this doesn’t mean that he is also leaving DAY6. Currently, two members, leader Sungjin and Young K are both serving in the South Korean military for their mandatory enlistment, leaving Jae, Wonpil, and Dowoon as the only active members.

From left: Wonpil, Jae, Young K, Dowoon, and Sungjin of DAY6 | JYP Entertainment

Recently, GOT7 left JYP Entertainment but have emphasized that they will have a comeback as a group together soon. Also, 2PM is another active boy group that was formed under JYP Entertainment. While the majority of the members are still under it, Taecyeon moved to another agency, 51K. So, anything is possible moving forward.

Check out Jae’s Instagram Live below:

Catch up on all things Jae and DAY6 below:

DAY6’s Jae Shuts Down Rumors And Reassures Fans Following Speculation That He Might Leave JYPE

Source: @eajpark

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