DAY6’s Jae Becomes An Honorary Member Of DPR At 88rising’s “Head In The Clouds 2021” Festival

Or should we say DPR eaJ now? πŸ˜‰

Over the weekend, DAY6‘s Jae (also known as eaJ) returned to his home state of California as he was headlining for 88rising‘s Head In The Clouds 2021Β (HITC) music festival.

The festival was held at Brookside at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California. It’s been a while since most of the artists got to perform due to COVID-19. And in the case of Jae, it was particularly awesome that he could return to the stage and back home at that!

DPR LIVE (left) and Jae (right) | @dprlive/Instagram

Jae performed his set on the last day of the festival, Sunday, November 7. He’s never looked happier, and fans, as a result, too, shared the feelings with him.

MyDays (fans of DAY6) couldn’t help but be in their feels as he introduced himself not just as eaJ but also as “Jae of DAY6.” He even sang a snippet of their song “Zombie!”


JAE FROM DAY6 #eaj #day6 #hitc #fyp

♬ Dive with you (feat. eaJ) – Seori

Some of his After School Club friends even came out to show their support for him! Former U-Kiss member (and former fellowΒ ASC host) Kevin Woo shared a sweet reunion pic with himself, Jae, and Eric Nam!

We got to see lots of long-awaited interactions with Jae and his buddies over the weekend! He and keshi even finally got to meet, and we got this priceless moment.

Of course, Jae, who is close with all of his fellow headliners, appeared not just on the day of his performance but also day 1. He came out on stage during DPR LIVE‘s set to sing their collaboration single “Jam & Butterfly,” which marked when Jae officially performed live for fans for the first time in two years!

During their performance, DPR LIVE even introduced him as not DAY6’s Jae or eaJ but as “DPR eaJ!”Β Jae’s reaction couldn’t have been more wholesome; just look at how happy he was after hearing that!

It was a moment for the history books, guys.

These two go way back now, so it was only a matter of time that Jae would become part of the DPR gang!

Of course, Jae had to make things Twitter official! So, for some time over the weekend, he changed his name on Twitter to “DPR eaJ,” although now he’s returned to good ‘ol “eaJ.”

| @eaJPark/Twitter

Still, once a member of DPR, you’re DPR for life! No one is more excited to be part of the gang than Jae, as he shared a heartfelt message on Twitter following his guest feature during the DPR set at HITC.

You’ll also find him in the comments of the DPR members’ posts. Yeah, it’s safe to say he’s officially in the gang!

There’s even DPR eaJ fanart now. This has got to be one of the cutest things of all time.

This is one of the most iconic collabs ever, and we’re hoping this is just the beginning for “DPR eaJ!”

Source: Twitter

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