DAY6’s Jae Shares With “The World Of Dave” That He Started Twitch To Promote His Group

They also talk about mental health in K-Pop.

DAY6 member Jae took time to sit down and chat with Dave Lavene of The World of Dave on Youtube.

| @eajpark/Instagram

On the January 8th video upload on Dave’s YouTube channel, Jae made an appearance to talk about random subjects with the YouTuber. They first talk about how they met and how their friendship began.

Afterwards, Dave asks the lead guitarist of the rock band how he started Twitch. To this question, Jae made an honest confession.

Continuing on with the topic of his band, Jae talks about the humble beginnings of his group. He brought up how it was difficult to write music together because all the members liked different genres of music.

The DAY6 member went on to reveal that it was actually because of this very reason that he thinks the first album they created was a disaster. He also shares that the members clashed quite a bit in the beginning because of their differences.

Jae and Dave also talk about the taboo topic of mental health during their time together on the episode. Jae talks about the pressure of having to be “perfect” as an idol. He emphasizes the importance of idols remembering to be themselves even though it’s easier said than done.

They wrapped up the segment with Jae talking about what fans can expect from DAY6 for the upcoming year.

We always love how real and candid Jae is with his fans. You can catch the whole episode with DAY6’s Jae on The World of Dave down below.

Source: YouTube