DAY6’s Jae Was Included In A Student’s Worksheet, And He Had The Funniest Reaction

K-Pop affects one’s studies, after all.

We all like to think that our favorite K-Pop groups are so legendary and iconic that they will appear in history books one day. Well, for MyDays (fans of DAY6), that day might be sooner than they think…

From left: Dowoon, Jae, Young K, Wonpil, and Sungjin of DAY6. | JYP Entertainment

An Indonesian My Day shared via @day6confess on Twitter that they recognized a familiar face while doing their English worksheet. It was none other than singer-songwriter and the lead guitarist Jae (also known as eaJ) of DAY6 but in iconic meme form. He was included in a list of photos as students were asked to provide captions.

guyssss look who’s in my English worksheet

— My Day

The fan couldn’t believe that their favorite idol was included in their studies! And neither could he…

Jae retweeted the My Day post, asking for confirmation as to whether it was real or not. Like the rest of us, he was in disbelief that a photo of himself, especially a humorous one like this, would be included in someone’s schoolwork. Still, based on the quality of the photo, that looks literally just like an actual worksheet provided for one’s studies.

PSA: My Day, you’re never truly safe because Jae will surely see what you post! He stays lurking the internet.

Meme from the iconic JaeSix YouTube channel, RIP. | eaJ/YouTube

Like the loving fandom My Day is, fans responded with even more memes of Jae.

They proved the source image as well.

Another Indonesian fan added that K-Pop groups are oftentimes included in exam questions. So, this would certainly not be the first time someone had to answer questions about their favorite group or idol for school.

A message to take away from all of this? Stay in school but also stan DAY6. You never know when you’ll be quizzed on Jae memes.

Source: @eaJPark