DAY6’s Sungjin Opens Second Twitter Account Following Military Enlistment

“I told you I’d keep in contact somehow, right?”

In August 2019, DAY6‘s leader Sungjin created a Twitter account with a reference to his nickname “Bob” from the children’s TV series Bob the Builder. Since the Korean word for “rice” and “meal” sounds similar to “bob,” he has turned the account into a diary of what he’s eating and what meals he recommends to fans.

Since he has enlisted in the military in March, Sungjin has opened a second account today!


I told you I’d keep in contact somehow, right? The other account has too strong of a concept, so let’s communicate through this [account].

—Sungjin (from his Twitter account: @DAY6__SUNGJIN)

He continued to verify the account by following it with his first account. Just one hour after his first tweet, he began to talk about eating again.

Everyone is eating well, right??? I’m eating all the time so don’t worry. In the end, this account also talks about food…

—Sungjin (from his Twitter account: @DAY6__SUNGJIN)

Fans can’t wait to hear more from the idol as he goes through his enlistment!

Source: Image and @DAY6__SUNGJIN/Twitter