DAY6’s Wonpil Breaks Down In Tears As He Announces Military Enlistment

He hopes to minimize the group’s hiatus.

DAY6‘s Wonpil has announced his military enlistment.

DAY6’s Wonpil | JYP Entertainment

On February 23, Wonpil held a live broadcast and promoted his solo debut Pilmography. During that time, he also made the announcement regarding his enlistment.

The members probably feel the same, but while making this album, we wanted to show our very best for My Days. That’s why I was able to write so many songs.

As I was preparing this solo album, the company staff took care of me well because they thought I may be lonely since I was the last. I was able to work on songs with my friends.

— Wonpil

Wonpil revealed that he would be enlisting sooner than expected. He will officially enlist on March 28.

I’m just going to say it. It’s driving me crazy. I’m going to be enlisting on March 28. (laughs) Yeah… On March 28, when spring arrives, I’ll be enlisting into the Navy.

— Wonpil

He explained why he suddenly decided to enlist. It was all because of DAY6.

I knew that I should [enlist] around this time. We all knew. Sungjin hyung first enlisted, and I knew Bri-hyung (Young K) was going to enlist to. Dowoon too.

Since all of them enlisted before me… So I knew I would have to prepare my [solo] album on my own… I think I felt a bit lonely, for a very short time, while I was preparing my album. This was when I was writing ‘Stranded.’

— Wonpil


Likewise, Dowoon shared similar sentiments when he announced his military enlistment. And even then, Wonpil was with him, and he added, “If we go sooner, then we can get back faster too.” So, he must have been thinking of enlisting with the others for a while now.

I’ve mentioned this several times, but you guys can do whatever you want to, and we’ll come and find you on our own! You don’t have to worry.

— Dowoon

Wonpil will be serving in the Navy. He also recently guested on Naver Now shows Yoon Sang’s Music to You and Changmin’s Free Hug. He explained his enlistment in further detail. Wonpil chose this military branch out of all as it’s the fastest option. Since he’s the last of the DAY6 members to enlist, he hopes for them all to finish around the same time, minimizing the group’s hiatus.

I was thinking about enlisting as a regular army service, but I wanted to apply somewhere where [the wait time was shorter] and there were less competition. I didn’t care where I enlisted as long as I was able to enlist as fast as possible.

— Wonpil

While making the announcement during his live broadcast, Wonpil struggled to share the news. He broke down in tears as he told MyDays.

The only regret Wonpil has is that he wishes he had enlisted even sooner. He said he should’ve enlisted before the maknae did.

It’s because I’m the last one [to enlist]. It’s not good to be last. …I should’ve went before Dowoon.

— Wonpil

MyDays (fans of DAY6), too, were initially emotional upon hearing the news…

Still, we couldn’t be more proud of DAY6! They’re not only making history, but even during these times, they’re thinking of MyDays too.

We will wait patiently for the group to reunite.

Currently, Sungjin is serving in The Republic of Korea Armed Forces, Young K is serving in Korean Augmentation To the United States Army, Dowoon serves in the military band, and Wonpil will serve in the Republic of Korea Navy.

Until his mandatory military enlistment, Wonpil will continue promotions for his solo music.

Source: DAY6

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